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A chemical element which is brittle, mildly toxic, silver white metalloid which also looks similar to tin is known as tellurium. Tellurium is very much related to selenium and sulfur and also several gold deposits contain tellurium mineral, the main commercial source of tellurium is a by- product of copper and lead production as tellurium is used in alloys, foremost in steel and copper which would thus improve the machinability. Tellurium has no biological function it is partly metabolized in humans. The odor of this element tellurium resembles to that of garlic and it is in pure state as it has metallic luster. Tellurium is in silvery white crystal and also is brittle and an easily pulverized metalloid.

Few uses of this tellurium element is used for coloring ceramics and mixtures of selenium and tellurium are used with barium peroxide as an oxidizer in delay powder of electric blasting caps. As tellurium element is considered to be mild toxic it can be dangerous as chances of acute poisoning are very much rare. The main use of this tellurium element is extensively used in making alloys and semiconductors. As alloy is a mixture of two or more metals which are fused together in a melting process thus to enhance the properties like ductility and tensile strength this tellurium is added to materials like lead which is used for increasing the durability of the metal and also tellurium base alloys are not affected by the corrosive reaction of the sulfuric acid.

For semiconductors this tellurium has that much potential in making semiconductors which are widely used for industrial applications. Tellurium is known for enhancing the effectiveness of the solar cell electric power generations as the solar panels contain cadmium telluride. Facts about this particular element tellurium is that it is considered to be rare element which has occurrence for much of larger quantity and which is also in the stable and solid form. Tellurium when burnt in air emits bluish green flame and acts as a semi conductor of electricity.

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Tellurium, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters