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A chemical element which is a steel gray metal found naturally on earth only in chemical compounds is known as tungsten. Tungsten is known for having important ores which includes wolframite and scheelite and is very much known for its robustness. Tungsten has been remarkable known for its wide array of applications most notably in light bulb filaments, x ray tubes and super alloys. Properties like hardness and high density give it military applications in penetrating projectiles and much more these tungsten compounds are most often used industrially as catalysts. Main applications of tungsten are used in hard materials, alloys, armaments and in chemical applications.

Tungsten is very much known for its strength and durability by making it extremely useful in a wide range of industrial applications. The unique thing about this element is that it is not found in a pure form in nature and also is hard, brittle and also which is known for corrosion resistant. The most famous use of this element tungsten is filaments in light bulbs and also used as in an assortment of alloys to increase the hardness and tensile strength. Tungsten tools are very much expensive as many workers opt for this element as because of its durability and long lifetimes. Tungsten is not considered as safe as dust from metal can be inflammable or explosive and could also irritate mucus membrane such as inside of the nose and mouth. The exposure of tungsten has been correlated with increased rates of cancer and also tungsten can be very much infectious.

Tungsten has many uses like thermal expansion of tungsten is very much similar to that of the borosilicate glass with which the metal is used for glass or metal seals. Tungsten and its alloys are very much used for making electrical contacts, x-ray contacts, heating elements, for metal evaporation components. Electronics category goes well with that of the tungsten element as most of the gadgets make use of this tungsten element.

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Tungsten, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters