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An element which is odorless, colorless and heavy noble gas and also which occurs in the earth's atmosphere in traceable amounts is known as xenon. Xenon is very much used in flash lamps, arc lamps and also xenon lamps as pumps. Xenon has various applications which includes gas discharge lamps, lasers and in medical uses xenon are used for anesthesia and nmr spectroscopy. Xenon is highly used in light emitting devices called as xenon flash lamps which are also used in photographic flashes. Xenon is very much used as starter gas in high pressure sodium lamps as it has the lowest thermal conductivity and also holds the lowest ionization potential of all non-radioactive noble gases. Xenon has been widely used as general anesthesia which is very much expensive these anesthesia machines can deliver xenon as it has made it economically viable.

Hyperpolarized xenon is used by surface chemists as it makes surface signals strong enough to measure and distinguish them from bulk signals. Xenon lights are very much filled with xenon gas as the standard color of the xenon light is white and various colors can also be obtained which are red, blue etc. Xenon lamps are used as the principal of ionized xenon gas which produces light. There are many types of xenon lights which include xenon arc lamps, xenon flashtube as these xenon lights depend on the pulse duration of lamp and are considered to be very efficient and very good. Xenon is very much available in various minerals and compounds as well as in gaseous form xenon is very much odorless and colorless. Xenon headlights are found all over the world as they tend to illuminate dark roads than that of the regular headlights.

Xenon is very much utilized in space industry, medicine, lighting, electronics, chemical technology, thermal mirrors and windows etc which do are really useful for industries. The peculiar things about these xenon lights are that it produces more light than that of halogen lights which also lasts even longer.

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Xenon, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters