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In an organic chemistry unsaturated chemical compound which contains at least one carbon to carbon compound is known as alkene. The simplest acyclic alkenes which have only one double bond and which have no other functional groups which also form homologous series of hydrocarbons also with the general formula. Very common and simplest form an alkene is ethylene which has been named under ethane and these alkenes are also called as olefins which are highly used in the petrochemical industry which has gained lot of importance in today's era. Whenever the comparison is done the physical properties of alkenes are very much comparable than that of alkanes. These alkenes are relatively stable compounds and are very much reactive than alkanes due to the presence of the carbon pi-bond.

The reactions under which these alkenes go through are halogenations, hydrohalogenation, oxidation etc. These alkenes are highly utilized in the industries which make its effective use. The most common reaction of the carbon bond is very much known as addition reaction. Alkenes are termed as the area of class of hydrocarbons which contain only carbon and hydrogen and these alkenes come in either double or triple bond. Reagents which includes organic and inorganic have been introduced or found out to add in this functional group.

These alkenes are very widely used as raw materials for number of plastics such as polyethylene and polystyrene and also are found in unsaturated fats, beta carotene and also from light through vision. Alkenes in other language are known as acyclic hydrocarbons which contain a double bond within two carbon atoms in the molecules and are also known for the fact that these alkenes make use of chlorate and bromated derivatives which are oleaginous liquids. Uses of these alkenes are widely done in the industries as well as in the manufacturing of raw materials. The term ethane is very much produced by plants which thus stimulate the growth of fruits, ripe of the flowers etc.

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Alkene, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters