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An organic compound and functional group containing basic nitrogen atom with a lone pair is known as amine. Amines are considered as derivatives of ammonia and are replaced by a substitute such as alkyl or aryl group which has one or more hydrogen atoms. Most important amines are amino acids, biogenic acids and aniline. These amines are classified into following types which are known as aliphatic amines and aromatic amines. Primary amines arise when one of three hydrogen atoms in ammonia are replaced by an alkyl. Primary amines are type of a compound which contains nitrogen and is very much known as an organic compound with a substitution for one hydrogen atom of ammonia which thus portrays these amines.

The common fact about these amines are these have a foul odor which is often described as fishy as the odor is somewhat similar to that of raw fish which comes from the amines. In other or in simpler way amines are considered to be in hydrocarbons group. The different kinds of amines are primary amines, secondary amines and tertiary amines which have different properties altogether. Primary amines thus only have one hydrogen atoms in the ammonia molecule which is replaced and thus simplest form of amine can be produced which is known as methanamine or aminomethane.

Amino acids is another type of amines which contains amino group as well as carboxyl group as these are known as amphoteric which means they either act as acids or bases. Naturally occurring amines include alkaloids which are very much present in plants which help plants for their further growth. Other amines include aniline, ethanol amines which are highly used for making rubber, dyes and pharmaceuticals and also for other applications as well. Mines are also classified as aliphatic which have only aliphatic groups attached to it or these may be aromatic. Apart from these amine types the other types are tri ethyl amines which are commonly encountered in organic synthesis as it is regarded to be the simplest trisubstituted amines.

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Amine, trisubstituted amines, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters