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Organic compound which consist a benzene ring with a formyl substituent which is simplest aromatic aldehyde and is also utilized in industries number of times is known as benzaldehyde. Benzaldehyde is colorless in nature and also has a pleasant odor like that of the almond as it is the primary component in the almond oil which later on extracted from the number of natural sources. The main use of this material is for conferring the almond flavor as it is considered as the precursor to the other organic compound which range from pharmaceuticals to plastic addictives. Benzaldehyde is considered to be simplest form or representative of aromatic aldehyde which is colorless. Benzaldehyde is formed by the partial oxidation of benzyl alcohol and readily oxidized to benzoic acid which is then converted to the additional products like sodium bisulfate. Benzaldehyde is considered to be an important intermediate in the process if perfumes and flavoring compounds like almond oil and also in the aniline dryers.

There are many hazards with this type of chemical as because it may cause allergy, skin reaction, could damage the throat if it is swallowed or inhaled. It also affects the nervous system and can cause irritation in the eyes and also can damage the respiratory track. Benzaldehyde chemical should be stored in a air tight container as to protect the physical damage and should also be kept in a place which is free from smoking zone.

It can in a way also damage the surrounding or environment as and when it is poured into the soil this material might leach the groundwater. This benzaldehyde chemical should be handled with efficient manufacturing practices thus to avoid contact to the chemical which might be harmful. This benzaldehyde chemical has to be procured from the reliable and authentic vendors as this chemical is widely used in the production of different products very common in flavoring of food items and also is widely used in the synthesis of other organic compounds.

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Benzaldehyde, Aromatic Aldehyde, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters