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Benzene, Benzoyl, Benzoate
Benzene, Benzoyl, Benzoate

An organic chemical compound which is colorless and highly flammable liquid with sweet smell is known as benzene. The scientific formula for this chemical is c6h6. As this chemical is known as carcinogen it very much prone or addictive to gasoline which is thus now very much limited but it is considered to be important solvent which is used in industries for the production of drugs, plastics and synthetic rubber and dyes. Today benzene is used highly as an intermediate to make or produce other chemical. Benzene is highly used for making polymers and plastics, phenol in the form of resin and small amounts are used for making rubber, lubricants, dyes, detergents, drugs and explosives.

Benzene can create havoc if consumed by people as it is very much dangerous to health. Inhaling of benzene could lead to death also as the amount of the benzene inhaled happen to be in high quantity. Also eating and drinking food which has high contents of benzene could lead to vomiting and irritation in the stomach. Benzene is used in everyday products like that of solvents, dyes and paints, especially in the petroleum industry. Exposure of v is possible only in printing presses, paper and pulp industries.

Benzene is found in volcanoes and is regarded as derivative of forest fires as it is one of the fundamental ingredients of coal and oil. Benzene is to be found in high level industrial plants and manufacturing plants that deal with petroleum and everyday products which are very much essential in day to day routine. Few siblings of this benzene chemical are benzoic, benzoyl, and benzoate which are all carcinogens and are used in food addictives. It is commonly used in personal care products like fairness creams, cold creams etc. At workplaces many times benzene chemical is used at oil refineries, chemical plants, shoe manufacturers and gasoline related industries at these places people are more prone to get exposed to this benzene chemical which is harmful for health.

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Benzene, Benzoyl, Benzoate , Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters