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Hydrocarbon is any chemical compounds that consist of only carbon and hydrogen. Hydrocarbon solvents are usually clear and water-white, apart from a few exceptions, which are yellowish to brown in color. There are essentially three types of hydrocarbons they are aromatic hydrocarbon, saturated hydrocarbon and unsaturated hydrocarbon, unsaturated hydrocarbon are further divided into alkenes, alkynes, dienes. Hydrocarbons can be regarded as earth's energy resource. Currently we use hydrocarbons as the main source of electric energy. The energy is produced when hydrocarbons are burned for instance, energy used in home heaters where oil or natural gas is used. When hydrocarbons like butane are burned to heat energy is produced which is then generated. Creation of electric energy follows the same principle. Many hydrocarbons are used as fuels. Natural gas, petroleum, and coal tar are important sources of many hydrocarbons. Useful hydrocarbon mixtures include cooking gas, gasoline, naphtha, benzine, kerosene, paraffin, and lubricating oils. Hydrocarbon is used in chemical industry, petroleum industry, rubber industry etc. Many different grades of hydrocarbon are available from chemical manufacturers.

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Hydrocarbon, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters