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A compound which is an astringent that binds and precipitates proteins and also various other organic compounds including amino acids and alkaloids are known as tannins. Astringency from tannins causes dry and pucker feeling in the mouth following the consumption of unripe ned fruit or red wine. The occurrence of these tannins is very much distributed throughout the plant kingdom and is very much found in gymnosperms and angiosperms. These tannins have presence in soil, water and wood and these tannins have been considered as anti nutritional as it is known for their anti nutritional properties which depend upon their chemical structure. Tannins are very much used in red wine which comes from stem, seeds, and grape skins and from the oak barrels.

In short tannins are very much important for red wines as these tannins allow them to age and also give a taste. When compared with other type of wines these tannins are also found in white wine but in a little amount as this condition makes them light, crisp and unsuitable for longer periods of time. In simpler language tannins are substances which are found in bark, wood and roots of most of the plant species. Tannins resemble small, yellowish-brown masses which are flaky, powdery or sponge like in texture. The main function of these tannins are thus to protect the plants from various microorganisms and can also be used for other purposes like leather tanning, dyeing cloth and also as a medical astringent.

Products or items which contain tannins are tea leaves, processed ice creams, caramel which add a flavor to the food product. Tannins are known for their anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and anti parasitic effects and an interesting fact about these tannins are that these are found in almost all types of plants in all climates all over the world. Tannins are classified in two parts which are hydrolysable tannins and condensed tannins. Tannins can also prove to be harmful as it can damage the walls of our stomach and other digestive parts and could also help to curb all indications of gastritis as it holds the property of being anti inflammatory.

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Tannins, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters