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The word 'alcohol' refers to ethanol which is highly used in alcoholic beverages which is considered as an organic compound in chemistry language which is made from hydroxyl functional group. Ethanol is the main type of alcohol which is used in industries with the ethane backbone. Alcohol has chemical properties which thus prove to be very much efficient and also is used as fuel for many scientific, medical and industrial utilities. Methanol another composition of the alcohol is used as an alcohol fuel as it cools down the pressurized air by providing dense air charge allowing more fuel and more power. Alcohols have significant applications in the industry and in the science as these are used as reagents or solvents.

Ethanols are used in the industry in the form of the solvents such as medical drugs, perfumes and also some of vegetable essences like vanilla. Alcohols are known for their versatile intermediates. Few reactions of alcohols are oxidation, dehydration, and etherification. Today in our society alcohol has become a boom and trend which is consumed by each and every person. Thus it has started becoming popular and is very much in demand today as because it is has set a certain mark which attracts most of the people.

Various types of alcohol are wine, beer, rum, brandy, vodka and tequila each of these have features which are fermented and aged is for wine, beer is considered to be malted, brewed and fermented. Rum and brandy are distilled and whisky is malted and distilled. Vodka and tequila are distilled and filtered and last but not least gin and liqueurs which are very much distilled and is flavored also. The consumption of alcohol in india is very much gaining importance as because most of the youth generation is into consumption which might not be safe for them. Consumption of alcohol in excessive quantity is very much harmful and could lead to dangerous hazards.

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Alcohol, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters