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A lubricant (colloquially, lube, although this usually refers to personal lubricants) is a substance (usually a liquid) introduced between two moving surfaces to reduce the friction and wear between them. An understanding of how lubricating systems work is crucial to the selection of a lubricant for a particular application. Any surface contains irregularities, even when polished to a mirror finish that may not be visible, except under a microscope and a lubricant, the petroleum product provides a protective film which allows for two touching surfaces to be separated, thus lessening the friction between them. Non-liquid lubricants include grease, powders, teflon tape used in plumbing, air cushion and others. Lubricant, the chemical compound is also added to some fuels. Sulfur impurities in fuels also provide some lubrication properties, which has to be taken in account when switching to a low-sulfur diesel; biodiesel is a popular diesel fuel additive providing additional lubricity. In addition to automotive and industrial applications, this industrial lubricant is used for many other purposes, including personal hygiene, e.G. K-y jelly, often used as a sex lubricant, personal lubricant or for bio-medical applications.

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Lubricant, Chemical Compound, Petroleum Product, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters