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Dry Film Lubricants
Dry Film Lubricants

A material which forms a dry layer or coating which excludes moisture by reducing friction, binding and wear is known as dry film lubricants. Dry film lubricants contains addictives like corrosion, oxidation and rust inhibitors and also extra pressure addictives are included which have chemically active agents such as sulphur, phosphorous or chlorinated compounds which help to form a film for preventing seizures by sticking under high pressure conditions with the help of the surface adhesion. Dry film lubricants are used for providing shock or vibration dampening functions which would thus protect these films. Few products of these dry film lubricants are fire resistant, biodegradable and microbe inhibiting products which are available in the market today. Also the use of release agents has to be made that prevent material from sticking or adhering to an underlying surface for specific period replenishment as it includes important specifications which are to be considered for including density, specific gravity, thermal conductivity and die electric strength.

Dry film lubricants are very much used for the chemical composition as these films contain boron nitride or white graphite which is known as a chemically inert compound that provides high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion. Solid lubricants are hexagonal or flake graphite, metal sulphide which helps in maintaining a low coefficient of fraction which is termed up to 400 degrees celsius and is very much available in powder which is protected with the spray able coating and solid mechanism forms. Solid and dry film lubricants are available in many varieties out of which some are designed for the purpose of the automotive industry as well as in the transportation or aerospace industries. Other types of dry film lubricants are very much suitable for bearings, combustion engines, machines and gears.

Dry film lubricants has lot more to say about low friction coatings as they can be used for metal wear protection especially when the surface is severe and localized. The benefits of this dry film lubricant are wear adhesion, wear abrasion and wear surface scarring. These dry film lubricants are very much known as solid films which are utilized in the extreme environment like that of high temperature or extreme pressure.

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Dry Film Lubricants, Dry Lubricants, Lubricants, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters