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Graphite Lubricants
Graphite Lubricants

Graphite type of material which is considered to be form of carbon in silvery black color and which is also one of the predominant materials used as a solid lubricant, the entire concept is known as graphite lubricants. The lamellar structure of the graphite which is in the form of dry powder thus makes it ideal for reducing the friction. The lubrication film provides resistance to wear and tear which also seizes the resistance. As it is in the form of dry powder the dry lubricant reacts with the water vapor and thus the molecular bonding take place which does not occur leaving it dry and slippery. It does not bond well with the surface as it keeps falling off which thus then increases the need as the high temperature causes the oxidation of graphite.

Liquid graphite lubricants are also available and are of different types which include graphite grease sticks to the surface as the grease prevents the graphite from falling off the work surface as another combination which is the liquid base is such that the liquid evaporates when the mixture is painted on the surface which leaves the graphite to work which would reduce the friction. Graphite is used as an addictive in lubricating oil which would increase the thermal tolerance. Graphite lubricants are used as components of polymer based composite anti friction coatings which thus form the second phase particles of metal based composite anti friction coatings.

Graphite lubricants is known as the ideal lubrication, adhesion, mold release and is very much non ferrous metal processing metal and significantly has longer tool life. Graphite lubricants is also ideal for temperature lubricant which is then used for forging, metal pressing etc. The types of graphite lubricants are water based lubricants which are prepared keeping in mind perfect lubrication and release the hot forging presses. Another type includes dry graphite lubricants is very much universal lubricant and is used for many places where liquid lubricant is difficult to apply and also prevents from the rust.

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Graphite Lubricants, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters