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Silicone Lubricants
Silicone Lubricants

High solids and high viscosity lubricants which are used for lubricating parts which also eliminates squeaks caused by frictions are known as silicone lubricants. Silicone lubricants prevent freezing of door and trunk locks, prevents sticking and also seals out the moisture. The features of these silicone lubricants are it helps to preserve plastics, rubber and leather. Silicone lubricants does not contain petroleum based oils. The applications of these silicone lubricants are very much appreciated as rubber weather stripping and grommets is very much soft and flexible. It is known as excellent lubricant for seat adjustment tracks and also prevents sticking of parts.

Silicone lubricants is considered to be smoothest and slipperiest lube which has three main kinds which are water based lubes, oil based lubes. Also silicone lubricants has smooth, thick, lush consistency as it lasts longer than water based lubes and does not need to be re applied as that of the water based ones. Silicone lubricants are great for full body massage and also can be applied for skin as it can also be used as skin moisturizer. As these silicone lubricants do not break down in water it can be used in bath or for shower or foe any kind of underwater fun. Silicone lubricants are very much expensive and have coating effect which gives these silicone lubricants a very bad taste.

Silicone lubricant spray are highly in demand today as these are used in both the sectors which are commercial and non commercial as these are manufactured using high grade of raw material which is procured from reliable and authentic vendors. Silicone lubricants readily wets and adheres to dry surfaces of metals, ceramics, rubbers and plastics. The type of silicone lubricants is very much used for graphite based greases, oils and aerosols etc. Silicone lubricants have many uses and also come in many forms which depend on its intended use as it is considered to be safe in the use of applications. Silicone lubricants can also be applied to electronic components thus to prevent corrosion.

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Silicone Lubricants, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters