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Synthetic Lubricants
Synthetic Lubricants

Synthetic oil or lubricants consists of chemical compounds which are artificially made or produces and also can be manufactured using chemically modified petroleum components than that of crude oil which can also be synthesized from other raw material. Synthetic oil is used as a substitute for lubricants which is refined from petroleum whenever it is operated from in extremes of temperature as it generally provides superior mechanical and chemical properties than those which are found in traditional mineral oil.

The types of synthetic lubricants are semi synthetic oils which are blends of mineral oil with no more of synthetic oil. The components of a synthetic lubricants base stock are very much man made designer which are synthesized by chemically reacting two or more simple compounds thus for producing a finished base stock. Synthetic lubricants are often attached to synthetic oils and greases and are made of different compounds like that of boron nitride, esters, diesters and silicone. The types of synthetic lubricants are insulating and thermal oils, floor or mist coolants and circulating coolants and general application include grinding, metal cutting, metal forming, transmission and vacuum fluids. Synthetic lubricants vary according to the dielectric strength, gravity, viscosity index etc.

Synthetic lubricants have better stability in terms of shearing and chemical components as it does not evaporate as quick as other forms and also holds better temperature viscosity. Synthetic lubricants is very much efficient in resisting problems like oil sludge, thermal breakdown and oxidation and above all these advantages these lubricants provide better lubrication and also delivers more improved fuel economy with that of non synthetic versions. The use of these synthetic lubricants is widely utilized for industrial purpose and especially for machinery purpose as wide array of designs are created for synthetic lubricants which also depend on the industries as per their needs and requirements. Synthetic lubricants are known for functioning well with the help of several agents or components with extra pressure addictives etc.

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Synthetic Lubricants, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters