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Lubricating Oils
Lubricating Oils

Lubrication is considered to be very much important element for maintaining of bearing products and oil is very much known as a lubricating element which is used for bearing of products. Lubricating oil is known for its resist head, viscosity and can also control the corrosion, oxidation stability and water handling. In simple language a lubricant is a liquid which is used between two surfaces and also used for decreasing the friction between these surfaces as it also decreases the portability of wear and improves the efficiency. The five main properties of lubricating oils are capacity to shed heat with which is becomes necessary to use an oil which would remain stable even at high temperatures. Heat resistance is a property of lubricating oil which allows for preventing thermal breaks downs and failures and the other includes viscosity which refers as the property of fluids which would thus resist the slippage of its components.

Another property or feature includes corrosion control ability which has been improved and also is specially formulated which contains addictives like dispersants and detergents that contain anti oxidants. It also holds the ability to prevent carbon forming deposits and corrosion by creating protective seals around different surfaces which could stop the corrosive damage because of its resistance. Oxidation stability and managing water are other properties of lubricating oils which are also very much essential and also prove to be very effective. Lubricating oils is important to engines as how blood is for human body as there are different blood types found in human body in a similar way different classes of lubricating oils are found which serve different purpose.

The different types are synthetic and semi synthetic which are most common ones and within each of these classes the oils get broken into further classes which are termed as commercial grade classes and service grade classes. Lubricating oil is made from a byproduct of a petroleum refinement process which has been proved to be very much unreliable for most of the situations.

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Lubricating Oils, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters