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Antiblocking Agent
Antiblocking Agent

Antiblocking agent is a chemical compound that is used in either a coating mixture or as an overcoating to prevent one object from adhering to another, or to any other object, within a specified range of temperature and humidity. This chemical agent (or antiblock agent) is typically finely divided, solid minerals, but some are waxes. Antiblocking agent is usually waxes or synthetic polymers; a light dusting of talcum powder. In packaging applications, blocking is always found in low-density polyethylene (ldpe) films. Practically, such problems can be solved by incorporation of cleaning agent, for example, silica and talc. A micronised powder form of mettalocene polyolefines can be used as an additive and adhesive and also as an antiblocking agent in formulations. Generally, this cleaning chemical is applied effectively in the rubber and plastic industries for better production.

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Antiblocking Agent, Chemical Compound, Cleaning Chemical, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters