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Antistatic Agent
Antistatic Agent

Antistatic agent is the chemical compound used for treatment of materials or their surfaces in order to reduce or eliminate buildup of static electricity generally caused by the triboelectric effect. The role of the cleaning chemical is to make the surface or the material itself slightly conductive, either by being conductive themselves, or by absorbing moisture from the air, so some humectants can be used. Their molecules often have both hydrophilic and hydrophobic areas, similar to surfactants; the hydrophobic side interacts with the surface of the material, while the hydrophilic side interacts with the air moisture and binds the water molecules. Antistatic agent is also added to some military jet fuels, to impart electrical conductivity to them and avoid buildup of static charge that could lead to sparking igniting the fuel vapors. Common antistatic agent is based on long-chain aliphatic amines (optionally ethoxylated) and amides, quaternary ammonium salts (e.G., behentrimonium chloride or cocamidopropyl betaine), esters of phosphoric acid, polyethylene glycol esters, or polyols. Indium tin oxide can be used as transparent antistatic coating of windows. Various type of antistatic product including antistatic mat, antistatic spray, antistatic gloves are also available in the market.

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Antistatic Agent, Cleaning Chemical, Chemical Compound, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters