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Diatomite consists of maximum of silicon dioxide, with the remainder of its contents being elemental minerals, which are essential for plant growth. All of these unique factors make diatomite the premium horticultural grade medium for all growing applications. Diatomite is high in silica, absorbent, porous, long lasting, environmentally friendly, ph neutral, sterilized, natural and reusable, all factors necessary for health plants, while still being cost effective for the grower. This chemical additive is used in a variety of applications, mainly as high value filter aids and functional fillers for paints and plastics. Tight quality specifications must be adhered to in order to guarantee suitability. Diatomite products are widely used as filter aids in the food and drinks industry. Further high end diatomite products are mainly used in paints. This chemical compound is used in paints as a functional filler mainly for imparting a matting effect on the appearance of the paint surface. The high surface area and the pore structure of the diatomite cause an improved permeability for water vapour and a more rapid evaporation of solvents.

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Diatomite, Chemical Compound, Chemical Additive, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters