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Rubber Accelator
Rubber Accelator

Rubber accelator is the chemical used to speed up the manufacturing process of rubber (vulcanization), which makes untreated natural rubber latex suitable for use in the manufacture of many rubber products. There are many types of rubber accelator in use that include benzothiazoles, carba chemicals, thiurams and many more. This rubber product is applied in the production of balloons, elastic bands, garden hoses, kitchen gloves, pillow and mattresses and others. This rubber chemical is also suitable for the production of elastic in underwear and swimwear, rubber boots, slippers, elasticized waistbands. This accelator is successfully used in the cosmetics and healthcare products that include rubber make-up sponges, diaphragms, rubber latex condoms, thiuram, which is used to treat alcoholism. This chemical additive is an excellent rubber accelerator, mainly used in the manufacture of tires, and those pressed products of thick section, rubber footwear and hoses. This chemical compound is especially suitable for synthetic rubber mixed with fine furnace carbon black.

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Rubber Accelator, Chemical Compound, Chemical Additive, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters