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Emulsifying Agent
Emulsifying Agent

Emulsifying agent is the substance that helps water and oils bind together, and allow to prepare stable emulsions where water and oils do not separate. Some agents enhance stability by imparting a charge on the droplet surface thus reducing the physical contact between the droplets and decreasing the potential for coalescence. Emulsifying wax has both a hydrophilic and a lipophilic part in their chemical structure. All emulsifying agent concentrate at and are adsorbed onto the oil:water interface to provide a protective barrier around the dispersed droplets. In addition to this protective barrier, emulsifiers stabilize the emulsion by reducing the interfacial tension of the system. Some commonly used emulsifying agents include tragacanth, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium dioctyl sulfosuccinate, and polymers the lecithin and fats in egg yolks are the emulsifying agent that make mayonnaise such a nice, soft and stable emulsion. An emulsifying agent is surface active, reduce tension, can be absorbed quickly around the dispersed drops as a condensed, non-adherent film that will prevent coalescence. This chemical compound also removes all natural as well as added impurities from cotton and improves the absorbency of fabric. Medicinally, this chemical additive is present as emulsifying ointment.

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Emulsifying Agent, Chemical Compound, Chemical Additive, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters