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Gelling Agent
Gelling Agent

Gelling agent is the chemical compound used in food because of their capability in forming a jelly that can also be used as food stabilisers. Agar has long been used to solidify media for plant tissue culture. The type of agar or gelling agent used can influence the growth of the tissue in culture. Both purity and cost of the gelling agent are important factors in any research or production operation. Aqueous solutions of alginate form a gel at room temperature in the presence of certain cations, especially calcium. This gel matrix can be reliquified by adding chelating agents (e.G. Citrate). Cells entrapped in alginate beads are easily manipulated with less chance of physical damage from handling. This chemical additive is supplied as a white powder and can be used in research and in the micropropagation industry as a carrier gel for tissue culture propagules, such as somatic embryos, micro cuttings and shoot tips. Gelling agent that include natural gums, starches, pectins, agar-agar and gelatin. Often they are based on polysaccharides or proteins. Also is an effective carrier for seed drilling practices. The chemical agent is prepared by mixing a solution containing the desired inorganic salts, vitamins, carbohydrates and growth regulators.

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Gelling Agent, Chemical Additive, Chemical Compound, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters