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Suspension Agent
Suspension Agent

Suspension agent is the chemical agent that is completely applied in a wide array of industries. Gum arabic, the basic raw material for gum accacia acts as a good suspension agent and emulsifier for pharmaceutical and food industries. Gum arabic is soluble in water. In ink, this chemical compound functions as a suspension agent for the insoluble pigment particles that also modifies the viscosity, and therefore the flow of the ink from the writing instrument. It binds the ink at the paper surface, producing a greater brilliance and deeper color. This chemical additive was used very early in iron gall ink manufacture. Due to bentonite's thixotropic properties, bentonite and organoclays function as a thickening and/or suspension agent in varnishes, and in water and solvent paints. Its adsorption properties are appreciated for the finishing of indigo dying cloth, and in dyes (lacquers for paints & wallpapers). Gel clay, a form of attapulgite clay, is used as a thickener and suspension agent in construction products such as paint, joint tape compounds.

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Suspension Agent, Chemical Additive, Chemical Compound, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters