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Antichlor Agents
Antichlor Agents

Antichlor, the textile-used chemical that eliminates the adverse effect of chlorine in dyeing operations and is usually added to the incoming water supply for the neutralization of any free chlorine. Antistatic agent which is also a textile chemical applied to the cotton, polyester, nylon and hosiery fabrics for its excellent penetrant qualities that gives uniform wetting and aids in removal of waxes, pectins, natural and synthetic oils used in processing. Antifoam agent, the chemical defoamer highly effective in the field of textile processing units and in dyehouses to suppress the foam formation that is normally encountered in the carpet and textile processing that can be also employed in effluent treatment process to eliminate foam in ditches and treatment of ponds. For continuous and batch dyeing in excessive temperature this textile chemical is immensely effective. Besides prime concern to avoid foam it is able to kill foam without use of the excess of the product.

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Antichlor Agents, Textile Chemical, Antifoaming Agents, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters