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High Polymers
High Polymers

High polymers have wide applications including new polymerization reactions, macromolecular substitutions, molecular characterization, and elucidation of structure-property relationships. High polymers like syndiotactic polystyrene has come with properties like high melting point, good chemical and moisture resistance, and a high degree of dimensional stability. It is highly used for medical applications like in sterilization trays, surgical instrument and dental equipment.

Specialty polysiloxane and polysilane polymers that are being developed as photoresists have broad molecular weight distribution resulting in a variable sensitivity to radiation at 248-254 nm wavelength. Ethylene copolymers are highly crystalline polar polymers based on ethylene, butyl acrylate, and carbon monoxide, are used as permanent plasticizers for pvc and for re-toughening recycled abs and nylon.

Polymers having high indices of refraction have immense applications in optics and photonics to increase light output due to their ability to reduce reflection losses at interfaces. They have applications ranging from light-emitting diodes to planar light wave circuits in photonics sources, detectors, and devices.

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High Polymers, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters