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Photographic Chemicals
Photographic Chemicals

Chemicals are indispensable for photographic applications ranging film processing, paper processing, display materials and colour mixing for high quality prints. Photographic desensitizers are used as forebath to reduce or eliminate panchromatic sensitivity to light. Monobaths contain at a minimum developing agents, silver halide solvents and an alkali. They build image density proportional both to the exposure and the extent to which the image develops.They contain antifoggants and antioxidants and hardening agents or other buffers. Silver solvents increase silver density by physical development, where soluble silver is reduced and re-deposited on the already developing silver image. Phenidone a is a chemical for developing black and white developer, non-staining and high contrast photographic developing features. Other chemicals provided like dimezone s, phenoxy-n, butanamide etc. Ethyl, phenoxy tetradecanoate is used as intermediate for photographic coupler. Chemicals like methyl - p-phenylendiamine hydrochloride, ethyl methansulfonamidoethyl are color developers for use in color microautoradiography and for color development of immunogold-labeled antibodies.

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Photographic Chemicals, manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, Indian, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters