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Heterocyclic Compounds
Heterocyclic Compounds

Heterocyclic compounds contain molecules, whose atoms are arranged in a ring, the ring contained with two or more chemical elements. They have wide applications in agricultural, medical, textile and polymer industry and dye wastewater treatment applications. The compounds like imidazoles, purines, pyrroles, oxazoles, diazepines, triazepines, and pyrimidines etc. Have wide applications in manufacturing agricultural pesticides, and in medical applications like for anticancer, antiviral, tranquilizer, and photodynamic therapy.

The compounds like pyridocarbazoles, thienocarbazoles; phenothiazines are used as the nonlinear optical materials. Thiazoles, thiophenes, pyrazoles, carbazoles and indoles compounds have wide applications in textile and polymer industry. They are used as dyes, optical brightners, and photochromic compound. Dyes and azo and anthraquinone have wide applications in wastewater treatment. Heterocyclic compound like oxazoles have a wide applications in synthetic organic chemistry and are found in number of natural products such as hennoxazole, thiangazole, calyculin, halicondrins, pyrenolide, virginiamycin, amphotericin, and phorboxazoles etc.

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Heterocyclic Compounds, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters