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Air Extractor
Air Extractor

An air extractor assembly for an automotive vehicle is provided which includes at least one depression formed in a body panel of an automotive vehicle and including an aperture formed through the depression. An air extractor valve surrounds the depression and includes a base and a flap for controlling fluid communication through the aperture in response to increases in air pressure in the passenger compartment of the vehicle above atmospheric pressure.

Responsive to the disadvantages of the prior art air extractor devices, the present invention provides an air extractor assembly for use in an automotive vehicle body which provides at least one depression formed in a body panel defining the interior compartment of the body, at least one aperture formed through the body panel within that depression, and an air extractor valve member secured to the body panel in surrounding relationship with respect the depression which is operative to effect fluid communication between the interior compartment of the body and the atmosphere when the air pressure within the interior compartment exceeds a predetermined difference over the atmospheric pressure. According to one aspect of the air extractor valve member is provided which spans two vertically spaced depressions in the automotive body panel and includes a frame-like base surrounding one of the depressions from which is hinge suspended a pair of flap members operative to control fluid communication through apertures formed in each of the depressions. According to another aspect of the air extractor, a single depression is formed in the body panel and a sheet-like base member including a plurality of flaps closing apertures through it controls fluid communication through at least one aperture formed through the depression.

Air extractor consists of electric motors of adequate power enclosed in a pre-painted stainless steel plenum with soundproof metal sheet panel cladding. This dust extractor is equipped with vibration dampers coupling the centrifugal blower and the casing to reduce noise pollution. This air pollution control equipment is sized to handle the maximum workloads of each specific system. The power rating, dimensions and inlet/outlet cross sections vary depending on the operating conditions. The positive cross-section flow and high air performance are quite noticeable. There is very low level loss of pressure in the bellows and transfer sections. Air extractor is simple plug-together systems.

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Air Extractor, Cleaning Equipment, Air Polllution Equipment, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters