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Instrumentation And Control Products
Instrumentation And Control Products
Industrial instrumentation and control products range to wider dimensions. They range form relays to sensors, controllers and encoders. Motorized valve controllers measure a wide range of process signals such as temperature, pressure, flow and level. Sensors are provided for wide range control applications. They are like acceleration sensors, beam, gas, current, fiber optic, flow, laser, occupancy, pcb mount, power and pressure sensors etc. Wide range relays and converters are provided for industrial control like monitoring relay, power supply, analog signal, timer, interface, motor protection, solid state relays etc.

Contactors are ideal for motor control, heating and ventilating, air conditioning, pumping, lifting equipment, lighting, process, power factor correction etc. Different types of contactors are available for wide applications, like block, mini, bar mounted, installation etc.

Product Categories
Absolute Encoders
Acceleration Sensors, Accelero Meters
Access Control Systems
Alarm Annunciators, Microcontrolled Based
Alarms And Annunciators
Anti Static Bags
Batch Coding Controllers
Beam Sensors
Brush, Anti Static
Building Automation Systems
Circular Chart Recorder
Control Valves Actuator
Controllers, Bus
Controls And Signals, Railway
Controls, Bin Level
Counters, Automatic
Current Controllers
Current Sensors
Data Acquisition Systems
Data Loggers
Density, Viscosity Sensors
Digital Controllers
Digital Encoders
Digital Seismic Data Acquisition Systems
Displacement Sensors
Encoders, Incremental
Encoders, Linear
Encoders, Magnetic Card Or Badge
Event Recorder
Extrusion Sensors And Indicators
Fibre-optic Sensors
Field Controllers
Film Recorder
Filters, Harmonic
Floats, Industrial
Flow Sensors And Indicators
Gas Sensors
Heaters, Infrared
Humidity Controller
Hybrid Recorder
Hydraulic Actuator
Input Controllers
Instruments, Precision
Instruments, Recording And Indicating
Laser Sensors
Level Controllers
Level Sensors And Indicators
Light Barriers , Curtain And Grids
Light Intensity Controller
Liquid Sensors
Loop Controllers
Lubrication Controller
Magnetic Field Sensors
Measures, Linear
Microbial Sensors
Miscellaneous Control Equipment
Miscellaneous Process Control Equipment
Miscellaneous Robotics, Microprocessor Based Instrument
Modulator Or Demodulator, Frequency, Synthesizer, Modulator Instrumentation
Moisture Sensors And Indicators
Motion Controllers
Motors, Asynchronous
Motors, Synchronous
Occupancy Sensors
Optical Encoders
Optical Property Sensors
Paperless Recorder
Pcb Mount Sensors
Peak Power Sensors
Photoelectric Sensors
Pi Controller, Pid Controller
Piezoelectric Sensors
Pneumatic Actuator
Potentiometers, Cermet
Potentiometers, Conductive Plastic
Potentiometers, Linear Motion
Potentiometers, Rotary
Potentiometers, Trimmer
Potentiometers, Wire Wound
Power Sensors
Pressure Controllers
Pressure Sensors, Indicators, Absolute Pressure Gauges
Process Control Converters
Process Control Equipment
Process Control Instrument
Process Controllers
Process Controllers, Standard
Process Converters And Transmitters
Process Scanners
Process Transceivers
Profile Controller
Programmable Controllers
Proportional Controller
Proximity Sensors
Quartz Sensors
Rf Sensors And Indicators
Robot Controller
Rotary Encoders
Rtd Sensors
Sensors And Indicators
Sequence Controllers
Shaft Encoders
Shock Sensors
Signal Conditioners
Slot Sensors And Indicators
Solid State Controllers
Spring Sensors And Indicators
Strain Sensor
Strip Chart Recorder
Temperature Programmer
Temperature Scanner
Temperature Sensors And Indicators
Tensioners, Automatic
Test Point Indicators
Thermal Array Recorder
Thermocouple Sensors
Time And Time Attendance System
Transmitter, Humidity
Transmitters, Flow
Transmitters, Pressure
Transmitters, Temperature
Ultrasonic Sensors
Universal Process Controllers
Vibration Sensors And Indicators
Viscosity Controllers
Voltage Controllers
Volume Controllers
Well Logging Units

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Instrumentation And Control Products, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters