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Miscellaneous Testing Equipment
Miscellaneous Testing  Equipment

Miscellaneous testing equipment that include electrical testing equipment, soil testing equipment, laboratory testing equipment and others range in wide spectrum for diverse sectors like medical, pharmaceutical, chemical and industries. Simulators are indispensable for medical applications. This measuring instrument is used for respiratory care purpose, thus available in different configurations for lung and breathing applications. Ultrasonic instrument is the measuring instrument that use ultrasonic signals to inspect materials and components. Miscellaneous testing equipment can be used for inspection techniques to detect surface and sub-surface flaws, or to measure thickness. Automated test equipment is used to monitor and control test and measurement devices, keeping human interaction at a minimum. Calibration instruments use either electrical signals or actual physical quantities to calibrate sensors and meters. This industrial instrument can be used as a precise meter for sensors or simulate sensor output to another device. Logic analyzers are used to characterize and debug hardware, design and test firmware and software, and perform synthesis integration. Spectrum analyzers and signal analyzers display raw, unprocessed signal information such as voltage, power, period, wave shape, sidebands, and frequency. Leak testing equipment is a type of nondestructive testing equipment to measure the escape of liquids, vacuum or gases from sealed components or systems. They are often equipped with various components such as pumps, calibrators, gauges and cases. Anemometers are meteorological devices used to measure wind speed, temperature and wind-chill. Thermometers are provided with high precision laboratory-grade in traditional liquid-in-glass design.

Product Categories
Abrasion Testers
Acoustic Emission Testers
Adhesion Testers
Aggressive Fluids Gauges
Air Dimensions Gauges
Air Quality Monitors
Air Quality Testers
Alpha Beta Counters
Alpha Counters
Angular Measuring Gauges
Armature Testers
Asphalt Concrete Testers
Automatic Temperature Controlling Medical Thermometer
Automatic Testers
Automotive Testers
Bacteriological Incubators
Battery Testers
Bearing Testers
Bending Testers
Beta Counters
Beta Gamma Counters
Bimetal Thermometer
Biometric Systems
Boiler Testers
Bonding Testers
Bourdon Tube Gauges
Brake Testers
Breakdown Testers
Burst Strength Testers
Cable Testers
Calibration Baths
Calibrators Meter
Capacitor Testers
Ceramic Glass Testing Instruments
Chain Testers
Charts Recording Instruments
Chilling Plant Thermometer
Chlorine Testers
Clamp-on Meters
Coal And Ore Testing Instruments
Coating Thickness Gauges
Coating Thickness Testers
Coercivity Meters
Compasses Navigational
Compound Gauges
Compression Gauges
Compression Testers
Computer Testers
Continuity Testers
Continuous Flow Analyser
Cordage Rope Testers
Corrosion Testers
Counters Pill Tablet
Crack And Seam Testers
Creep Testers
Crush Testers
Cryogenic Thermometer
Dead Weight Testers
Dial Thermometer
Differential Pressure Gauges Indicators
Digital Thermometer
Dissolve Oxygen Analyser
Distance Measuring Instruments
Drop Testers
Drug And Pharmaceutical Glassware
Dry Pulverised Material Samples
Ductility Testers
Earthing Testers
Elastomer Testers
Electric Appliance Testers
Electric Test Sets
Electrical Contact Thermometer
Electro Optic Test Instruments
Electronic Circuit Testers
Electronic Thermometer
Electrostatic Discharge Simullators
Emc Test Equipment
Emi Rfi Chambers
Engine Testers
Esd Control And Protection
Esd Test Equipment
External Gauges
Fatigue Testers
Fiber Optics Testers
Fiber Testers
Flame Photometer
Flammability Testers
Flash Point Testers
Flow Magnetic Meters
Flow Rate Testers
Fluid Conductivity Measuring Instruments
Food Industry Analyser Tester
Force Measuring Instruments
Frequency Calibrators
Friction Testers
Gamma Counters
Gas Actuated Thermometer
Gas Analyzers
Gas Testers
Gauges And Indicators
Gear Testers
Geiger Counter
Geophysical Geotechnical And Hydrological Apparatus
Glass Thermometer
Gravity Instruments
Height Gauges
Hydraulic Testers
Hydrocarbon Analyser
Hydrostatic Test Pumps
Hydrostatic Testers
Impact Testers
Indicating Gauges
Induced Polarization Instruments
Infrared Thermometer
Injection Gauge
Insulation Testers
Intrinsic Safety Instruments
Kvp Meters
Laboratory Hose And Tubing
Laboratory Thermometer
Land Surveying Instruments
Lasers Alignment And Measuring
Leak Testers
Leather Testers
Liquid And Solid Analyzers
Liquid Crystal Display Thermometer
Liquid Level Gauges And Indicators
Liquid Meters
Liquid Samples
Logging Instruments For Water Wells
Low Pressure Gauges And Indicators
Magnetic Inspection Devices
Magnetic Particle Testers
Magnetometer And Electromagnetic Instruments
Mechanical Measuring Instruments
Medical House And Tubing
Mercury Thermometer
Metal Hardness Testers
Metal Testers
Metallurgy And Structural Metals Testing Instruments
Meteorological Instruments
Meteorological Measuring Instruments
Micro Filtration System
Microhardness Testers
Microscope Illuminators
Motor Testers
Non Contact Gauges
Non Destructive Testers
Oil Flow Meter
Oil Testers
Open Channel Flow Meter
Open Stream Current Meters
Open Stream Water Level Recorders
Optical Instruments
Paint Testers
Paper And Cardboard Testers
Paper And Wood Testing Instruments
Particle Counters
Permeability Testers
Petroleum Testing Instruments
Ph Values Measuring Instruments
Pharmaceuticals Dryers
Pipe Testers
Plastic And Rubber Hardness Testers
Plastic Testers
Pneumatic Testers
Porosity Testers
Power Analyzers
Pressure Calibrators
Pressure Gauges Indicators
Pump Testers
Remote Reading Thermometer
Resistance Testers
Resistance Thermometer
Resistivity Instruments
Rpm Counter
Rubber Testers
Seismological Instruments
Servo Testers
Shear Strength Testers
Sheet Metal Testers
Shock Testers
Sludge And Slurry Flow Meter
Soil Measuring Equip.
Spectroscopy Equipment Parts And Accessories
Spring Testers
Steam Flow Meter
Steam Gauges
Stiffness Testers
Stop Watches
Surface Finish Testers
Surface Temperature Thermometer
Tearing Strength Testers
Temperature Calibrators
Temperature Regulating Control Equipment
Tension Testers
Testing Equipment
Thickness Testers
Torque Testers
Turbine Flow Meter
Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Universal Testers
Vacuum Gauge Indicators
Vacuum Testers
Valve Fittings Testers
Variable Area Flow Meter
Vibration Testers And Test Equipment
Viscosity Measuring Instruments
Vortex Shedding Flow Meter
Water Meters
Water Testing Instruments
Water Vapour Testing Instruments
Water Velocity Meter
Wire Gauges
Wire Testers

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