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Foods, Beverages And Food Products
Foods, Beverages And Food Products

Foods, beverages and food products are replete with nutrition, tasty and varieties for a sound health and a satisfied diet. Indian food products lead in the global market for their multifaceted taste, colour and variety as they range from baby food cereals to nutritional foods and animal foods and sweets and snacks.

Inertia foods are good for breakfast. They include flakes like, corn, wheat, maize and rice flakes etc. Porridge is supplied in regular and instant with diverse flavours like regular, chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, mixed fruit, honey and pine apple etc. Soya products include chunks and granules, juices supplied in wide range flavours like apple, litchi, mango, guava, orange, pineapple and kiwi etc.

Indian sweets lead in the world for their delicious taste ranging in wide spectrum like gulab jamun, rosogolla, kajukatil etc. Salty snacks include bhadang bhel, bhakharwadi, bhelpuri, jamnagari gathiya, kachori, khakhara, methi gathiya, nadiyadi, banana wafers, instant bhel with chutney etc. Beverages served in sharbat and mineral water, alcoholic forms. The sharbats are served in wide flavours like almond, saffron, kesaria, rose, orange, panch amrit, saffron pista, chandan, lemony and pine apple. The alcoholic form beverage in india is categorized under beer, country liquor and indian foreign liquor.

Pulses supplied in wide ranges are like moong dal, chora dal, chick peas-kabuli, white peas, prepacked gram flour, moong split, urad dal, white urad whole, chana dal, masoor whole, polished toor dal plain, dry green chana, indian black chana, red mung, kala vatana peas, white peas, white beans etc. Edible oil product range from coconut, ajowan, castor, cumin seed oil, fish and shark liver oils, vanaspati oil and ghee widely manufactured in india. Dry fruits are like cashew nuts, almonds, peanuts, and groundnuts are widely grown and exported.

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Instant Noodles
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Lemon, Mango Pickles
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Marine Foods
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Meat And Poultry Food
Milk And Dairy Products
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Mineral Water
Natural Food Colours
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Processed Food And Snacks
Ready To Eat
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Refined Oil
Refined Vegetable Oil
Royal Jelly Products
Sauce, Chilly Sauce, Ketchup
Shark Liver Fish Oil
Skimmed Milk Powder
Sodium Metabisulphite - Food Grade
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Soya Protein Foods
Synthetic Food Colours
Toffees Sugar Candy Lollipops
Vanaspati Ghee
Vegetable Oil
Wafer Biscuits

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Foods, Beverages And Food Products, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters